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Rodent Dropping Cleanup & Proofing

Rodent Control Services 

Rodent infestation has become a common problem now. Today, most of the buildings are warranted with rodent and many other pests. These animals are not only carriers of different diseases but also hazardous for your health. But, you need to worry now. Attic Cleaning Company offers you rodent Control Service on reasonable and fare rates.

Actually, the population of rodent is speedy multiplied within the short span of time. However, before the infestation turns out to be threatening and hazardous, you must take services from our company.  Attic Cleaning Company is considered to be the best rodent Control Company in the States.

What problems will you face with rodents?

  • Rodents are warm blooded animals. They have big teeth at the front. They chew whatever they come across with. They can damage your property to larger extent.
  • They do not only chew but also bite.  No doubt, children and infants are more vulnerable to rodent bites.
  • Rodents are carriers of plenty of diseases including bubonic plague and Murine Typhus.
  • The droppings of rodents should be tackled with serious care.  The dried feces of rodents are the hosts of viruses and bacteria. They spread airborne diseases very speedily. However, they have to be cleaned before feces happen to dry.
  • Rodents are the source of many other contaminations like Hantavirus and Salmonella.

How to identify presence of rodents?

  • Check your drawers, cupboards, and any other place where you keep your food items. If you find rodent dropping during this time, it means that there are there.
  • Gnawing is the best evidence to determine their presence.
  • Try to find evidence of damaged entry point. Mostly, rodents damage entry points to invade houses.
  • Stale smells is also a source of their identification.

What services we offer for controlling the rodents?

  • We use finest quality of pests and chemicals for rodent control.
  • We use lethal and live traps to find them.
  • Whether they are alive or dead, we would identify them and take them away.
  • We are having a team of rodent professionals that had undergone through anti-rodent trainings. Our team has all necessary equipments for trapping and removing the rodents from your home.
  • We also use rodenticides to kill dangerous rodents.
  • We offer rodent services fully guarded with security and safety.

Hence, if you intend to make your home rodent-proofed then always hire rodent controlling services from Attic Cleaning Company.

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I needed some attic insulation removal services in my attic and my experience with this company was great. Overall, this was a very efficient company and they've definitely got the customer in mind, so I'd recommend them!

Cody Primrose, Livermore

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