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Attic Cleaning and Debris Cleanup

Attic Cleaning Services

A home is not a worth living place unless it is not attic proofed.  It has been noticed that most of the people complain about the attic problems being caused by rodents, squirrels and other animals. No doubt, attic cleaning and decontamination process is really important to address the infestation problems.

Actually, the most favorite nesting area of rodents is within your home attic. It has been noticed that most of the rodents used to drop and disperse waste material in such areas. The odor comes out of the dried feces remains a source of rodent invitation for years.  If you are tired of using pest controls and intending to solve the rodent problem then you should hire attic cleaning servicefrom our company.

What problems could you face with unclean attics?

  • Your unclean attic would be a source of invitation of more rodents.
  • It can last serious repercussions on your health.
  • It has very bad odor.
  • Noise at night.
  • Place for speedy multiplication of rodents.
  • Prevalence of many other dangerous insects.
  • Rats drop tons of dropping in attic which is another source of many diseases.

How to identify presence of rodents or rats in your attic?

  • Try to check all sides of your roof foundation.
  • Do you hear noise at night from different areas of your attic?
  • Have you seen chewed wire or pipe?
  • If there is any small hole then they are there.
  • Bad odor is also an evidence to identify their presence.
  • Try to check your attic and adjoining areas for finding the droppings.

What services we offer for attic cleanup?

  • We offer you complete attic and debris cleaning services.
  • We clean contaminated attic.
  • We remove scent/odor coming from the urine or droppings of rodents.
  • We ensure health and safety of your home.
  • We have professional staff coupled with specially designed costumes and accessories.
  • Our professionals have years of attic cleaning experience.
  • We offer you complete decontamination services.
  • We offer you attic insulation removal and installation.
  • Rats in Attic Removal.
  • Squirrel in Attic Removal.

Before beginning with the decontamination or cleaning process, we always make a cleaning plan. This is what distinguishes us from others. This is what makes us the best attic cleaning company. Hence, if you are looking for outstanding and highly prolific attic cleaning service, we are there to help you.

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I needed some attic insulation removal services in my attic and my experience with this company was great. Overall, this was a very efficient company and they've definitely got the customer in mind, so I'd recommend them!

Cody Primrose, Livermore

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